#004 Selling UX

In this episode we talk about how you can sell UX projects as a small agency or as a larger agency. Also, we will talk about how to sell the value of UX design to stakeholders. Learn from our mistakes and get tips about improving your game.


  • The role of the designer
  • Pitching for projects
  • Pricing strategies
  • ‘Selling’ to stakeholders

#003 Presenting your work

Coming up with great designs is one thing, presenting them successfully is a whole other game. Presenting your user research and insights, concepts, designs and beautiful solutions is something most UX designers just learn by doing it.

In this episode of UXU Design Conversations we talk about our experience in presenting your work. What mistakes did we make? What works and what absolutely does not? 🤷‍♀

* Biggest f*ckups
* What makes a presentation a succes
* What to put in a presentation – and what not
* Tips and tricks on how to compose your presentation

#002 My UX Career

In this episodes we talk about our UX careers and give tips on how to get noticed as a UX designer. What does it take to become a UX Designer in todays world?

#001 The Dark Side Of UX

In this episodes we talk about ethics in design and how to avoid dark patterns. How can we continue to respect our users in a time where conversion and money are often prioritized?


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Deleting your amazon account